Marketing Deals.

Corporate networking.

Large-scale financial management.

Advertising and branding.

Business operations.

Trade expositions.

Rising Juniors and Seniors

Fall and/or Spring Semester

Virtual Enterprise

Farragut High School

If any these things peak your interest, FHS Virtual Enterprise may be the course for you.


Virtual Enterprise is more than just another business class.


Instead of simply learning abstract and questionably applicable information via lecture, you will dive head first into business by running a virtual corporation: Bluetip Fitness, Inc. - and the real school bookstore: The Admiral Outlet.

Within each organization, your knowledge of business theories will be tested through actual experience, with real and virtual customers, products, problems, and scenarios!

Your ability to take initiative and your willingness to develop professionally will be keys to your success.


As a course, Virtual Enterprise is worth one credit per semester, and two semester participation is encouraged if possible. In Virtual Enterprise, you can expect the following:

  • Potential trade expositions in both Pigeon Forge and New York City

  • Guest speakers that can relate the functions of the company to the real world

  • Low homework load with few tests and quizzes, most tasks will be in class

  • Management of Admiral Outlet, the FHS apparel and gear shop

  • Hands-on business management in the areas of product development, marketing, sales, finance, and accounting

  • Variety of positions for a wide range of skill sets, including:

  • Sales Representatives 

  • Graphic Designers

  • Marketing Analysts

  • Web Designers

  • Inventory Managers

  • Department Vice Presidents

  • Payroll Managers

  • Chief Executive Officer

If any of these positions sound like they would fit your areas of expertise, we would love to have you on board the company.


Employee space is limited, so submit your completed application below as soon as possible.  Hard copies of the application are available in the Green Wing and the Guidance Counselors' Office.

Only Cash & Checks Accepted

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